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Doctor Who & Torchwood Prompts Community

Where You Can Write Fanfiction Based Off Of Writing

Doctor Who & Torchwood Writing Prompts Community
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Doctor Who & Torchwood Writing Prompts - Where You Write Fanfiction From Them!
Welcome To Doctor Who & Torchwood Writing Prompts Community

Do you love Doctor Who & Torchwood? Writing prompts? Themes? Fanfic? Then this is the place for you! You can get all that in one place here!

Note: We will be getting a Doctor Who & Torchwood layout just as soon as a I get a paid members account for the community.

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General Guidelines

- There must be a minimum of 100 words for each prompt. There is no max.

- Feel free to write in any order of the prompts - meaning you don't have to start with number one and so on.

- Please wait until your claim has been approved before posting to the community. (we have to give you posting access and your tag(s) anyway)

- You may only have 1 claim at a time. However, after you complete that claim you may claim another. Also, you may have 1 claim for each show. Meaning you may have 1 claim for Doctor Who and 1 claim for Torchwood both open at the same time, that is allowed.

- There will be a max of 3 claims of the same subject.

- You may use a fake cut to link to your journal, so long as the post isn't friend's locked. You shouldn't force people to friend you just to read the fic ... this is all about sharing your work with others.

- You may post anywhere from one, to all 100 prompts in a single post. How you do it is completely up to you.

- You may claim the general series, a pairing, a character, a place, a group, etc.

Prompt Word:
Main Character(s):
Word Count:
Authors Note(s):




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